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About Nancy


About Jon

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Nancy is a passionate, self proclaimed, PR representative for insects. While earning her Master's degree at the University of Georgia in Entomology, it became crystal clear that most people did not see insects the way she did.


In attempts to combat this "kill it with fire" mentality, Nancy started several science communication projects including a YouTube channel, and co-founded the blog Ask an Entomologist which seeks to  answer the public's questions about insects using scientific literature and written in a way that is both fun an accessible.


Following her Master's, Nancy flew to the heart of the Ecuadorian cloud forest where she worked in an ecolodge showing tourists the beautiful and hidden world of the smaller majority; leading environmental education programs, guiding tours, and giving  natural history presentations featuring insects.


After two years, Nancy traded her leafy green jungle for the concrete jungle of Quito where she designs her own tours under the brand SciBugs which focuses on the interconnectedness of ecology (especially insects), geology, conservation, local culture, and ecotourism. She has been working in Ecuadorian Tourism for the past eight years.


Jon Perry is a science educator and founder of the YouTube channel “Stated Clearly”. There, he works with biologists and biochemists from around to world to produce animations that teach genetics, evolution, and chemistry to the public.


His passion for biology started with a love for wildlife. As a kid, he spent much of his summers camping and exploring the forests of the Great Northwest. For the past 11 years, much of his free time has been spent volunteering, first at the Portland zoo, OR and then at Chintimini Wildlife Center, educating the public about native animals, as well as working directly with the rehabilitation of sick and injured animals.


“It’s no accident that both Charles Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace independently discovered the process of Natural Selection after visiting our world’s tropical forests. Museums, classroom lectures, and YouTube videos are all great ways to learn about evolution, but nothing beats a walk in the jungle!”


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